13 Basic Tomato Growing Tips For Containers To Grow Best Tomatoes!!

1. Choose an Ideal Location

You can place your tomato pots in virtually any location. However, choose a place where the plants will receive a minimum six hours of sunlight. Also, don’t place your pots closely to each other and provide air circulation.

2. Consider the Type of Pots

Choose a pot that will first and foremost fit your tomato plants. For those who wish to go with dwarf, bush types and vine like cherry tomatoes, choose a 3-gallon pot.

3. Choose Quality Potting Mix over Garden Soil

To produce the best tomatoes in pots, avoid growing them in garden soil and select the quality potting mix. This will give the plants a well-drained, light and fluffy environment to thrive. Garden soil is not just heavy but can be loaded with unwanted pests and bacterias that can cause diseases.

4. Plant Tomato Varieties that Perform Best in Pots

While you can grow all the varieties in containers, you should research for the varieties that perform best when grown in pots.

5. Grow Determinate Tomatoes

Grow determinate varieties of tomatoes if you’re short of space or growing tomatoes in containers. Determinate tomatoes don’t grow too tall or wide.

6. Use the Right Technique to Plant

Unlike all other plants, tomatoes must be planted deeply. Deep planting encourages healthy and strong root system. At the time of planting, cover bottom 2/3 part of your baby tomato plant with potting soil. For example, if your plant is 10 inches high leave only 3 inches of its height from the top.


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