Read 14 Creative Ways To Hide Your Air Conditioner Unit

14 Creative Ways To Hide Your Air Conditioner Unit

Your air conditioner unit works hard all summer to keep us cool and most of us could not be with out it in the summer months. But if you are like me the last thing you want to do is look at it in your backyard.

Unfortunately, for all of their technological wizardry, AC designers haven’t figured out how to keep AC units from being an eyesore. You work so hard to keep your lawn and the exterior of your home beautiful.

Two rules for hiding your outdoor air conditioner



Read the 14 ways to hide your Air Conditioner Unit

1) Mosaic Screen

If you love mosaics, you will love this one. I think this DIY idea would look fantastic in any backyard!

Mosaic Screen

2) Stone Screen

If you love the look of a stone privacy screen then this is the one for you, this would look great if you have a stone house.

Stone Screen

3) Lattice Screen

Using lattice to create a screen around your outside air conditioner works well, since the holes prevent the hot air blowing out of the unit from becoming trapped.

Lattice Screen

4) Hinged Lid Enclosure

This is designed for a pool pump but i think it would work great to cover an ac unit, you just have to make it the correct size to suit your needs.

Hinged Lid Enclosure

5) Two-By-Four Fence

If you prefer a more modern look then this project may be for you this is also good because the wood slats are threaded with a steel rod at the corners creating a hinge – allowing it to fold up when you have to store it in the winter.

Two-By-Four Fence

6) Cedar Boards

Cedar is a great looking timber and looks great out doors when it has aged , which makes it the perfect candidate for covering up your AC unit.

Cedar Boards

7) Obelisk Cover

The oversized obelisk serves to conceal the air conditioning unit as well as provide storage for additional gardening tools.



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