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Thyme Destroys Strep Throat and Respiratory Infections

Suffering from a sore throat or cough? Have no fear, the essential oil of the popular culinary herb thyme is an effective remedy for just about any infection of the throat or lungs. A 2011 study showed…

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Growing Cilantro – The Cut and Come Again Method

Growing Cilantro – The Cut and Come Again Method. Growing cilantro from seed is the only way to frugally get the organic supply you want. One of my favorite plants to grow in the early spring is…

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Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air

Houseplants can help de-stress and bring joy to your home For some reason, plants always caught my eye whether in public or in someone’s home. I love rearranging my plants, rotating them towards the sun,…

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The Spin on Aspartame

By Lynn Stratton If you google “aspartame,” the results will take you literally days to wade through-believe me, I know. I’ve been sifting through it for days. There’s more than enough information, research, and speculation out…

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How to Make A Succulent Turtle Topiary

Scrolling through Pinterest, I happened to see a pin featuring a topiary – it was a super cute Succulent Turtle! Unfortunately it was a dead-end pin, but it was so adorable that I felt like…

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