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Well draining soil for succulent container gardens

Having well draining soil is crucial for succulents. In this post you’ll learn the perfect succulent soil recipe. I do most of my succulent gardening in containers, both indoors and outdoors, rather than in the ground. Selecting…

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Areas of standing water or soggy soils in lawns equals the death of turfgrasses, such as, fescue (Festuca). Overwatering is one of the more common causes of plant problem. Heavy and poorly drained soils are…

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Origin and History of Onions

Onions are one of the oldest cultivated vegetables in our history, originating in central Asia from where it spread across entire world. Modern archeologist, botanist and historians are unable to determine exact time and place…

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How To Clean Terracotta Pots In 3 Steps

Terracotta plant pots are notorious for getting a crusty white residue on them over time. It looks bad but don’t worry, cleaning clay pots is quick and easy. In this post, I’ll show you exactly…

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7 Brilliant Reasons To Use Vinegar In Your Garden

When most people think of vinegar, they automatically expect it to be used inside the house and most commonly in the the kitchen — which makes perfect sense. Vinegar is typically used in food preparation…

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