12 Fermented Foods to Add to Your Diet

You may have heard a lot about probiotics and how good they are for you.  Did you know that eating fermented foods can give you the same benefits without taking a pill? And you can…

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10 Herbs to Improve Gut Health and Digestion

Herbal remedies have been around for thousands of years. Herbs can help with digestion and gut health, which is key to your overall wellness. Keeping the gut in top shape is key to keeping the rest of…

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How to Get Rid of Armyworms in your Garden

It’s so exciting when you spot your first red tomato of the season.  But when you see an armyworm caterpillar in your vegetable garden, there is no time to spare.  They can devour a tomato…

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15 Ways to Make Cut Flowers Last Without Chemicals

Nothing beats a bouquet of flowers straight from your own garden, but sadly, even the freshest flowers typically last only a few days before drooping and dropping their petals. You can always use floral preservatives…

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3 Ways to Use Lavender Flowers to Freshen Laundry

Aside from its great scent and natural beauty, here’s another reason to grow organic lavender in your garden: to freshen your laundry! Here are three ways to use lavender from your garden to freshen laundry….

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5 Uses for Sunflowers You May Not Have Considered

Aside from adding beauty, sunflowers or helianthus have a number of uses in the organic garden. These colorful flowers, which grow quite well under organic conditions, come in a wide variety of sizes and some breeds…

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