20 plants you should grow side-by-side

A good neighbor can make all the difference in the garden. Ask any experienced gardener and they will tell you; Certain plants like each other, and others, well, don’t. You’ll just have to try it…

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How to make a retractable PVC hoop house in 6 easy steps

If you’re looking for a way to extend crop production during the spring and fall (or grow some plants clear through the winter), a hoop house may be the perfect solution! The retractable cover protects…

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USDA Overturns Rule Requiring Outdoor Space for Organic Hens

A rule change under the Obama Administration, required egg producers using the label “USDA Organic” to provide real outdoor space for hens, rather than enclosed porches. The Trump administration just reversed that. The U.S. Department…

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Beautiful Tiny House (800 sq ft)

This beautiful, bright and modern cottage is located in Oregon and designed by Nir Pearlson Architect. This sustainable hybrid timber-frame Mini Home combines cozy spaces with an expansive character. The interiors weave into the surrounding…

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