Container Water Garden Plants

Creating a water feature in the back yard is quite easy. Water helps a plant to grow and keeps it healthy. Simply by adding water feature you can welcome some intriguing and appealing plants in your garden with a blend of soothing display that is mesmerizing. A tiny aquatic garden would be a great gardening experience for you. Utilizing the container is a great idea to develop a water gardening system without the need of a permanent large pond. Of course, a serene and a reflective pool have its allure, but for a garden with limited space it might not be possible.

So, container water garden is the best way of having the same feeling. Normally a container of 15-25 gallons of capacity would be great. Some gardeners use kiddie pools, horse watering troughs, lined whiskey barrel and even the kid’s bathtubs. But, buying a proper container is a best choice. In large containers plants have enough room to grow and they require fewer plant culling and also maintain the water temperature. On average, the pot must 6 inches deep and 15 inches wide, but you may use a bigger one. Moreover, choose a container that has a dark interior so that it enhances the illusion of depth and hides any kind of algae if any.

There are many container water garden plants with beautiful and exotic colors. For example the emergent like water lily, lotus, rush, etc. love to sit in the aquatic soil and they can grow several feet tall with beautiful flowers blooming on the top. To ensure that your container water garden plants remain healthy, always use fresh, non-chlorinated, non-softened water and about 6 hours under the sun so that the plants get all the nourishment throughout the day. So, for container water garden plants, you can go for emergent, submerged and the floater plants.

 Here are 10 container water garden plants that you can grow in the back yard and add some alluring effects.

The Submerged Plants

Wild Celery

Wild Celery is also known as Vallisneria SP and it has a ribbon like pale green leaves that are translucent. These plants love shady, partly shaded and bright areas. This makes them perfect for all environmental conditions. Ensure that the water is at least 6-24 inches deep so that it can nourish properly.


Fanwort or Cabomba Canadensis is a bright fan like foliage. They are perfect to grow in containers or small ponds. Fishes love to utilize them in order to spawn and find a shelter under their leaves. This plant can grow in bright sunlight with water depth of 6-12 inches. You can also put in small container fish along with the plant.


Anacharis or Egeria Densa that grows whorls of dense green leaves and bloom beautiful white flowers. They are also known as a common oxygenator. Try to keep the container depth of 12 inches or more, while the plant Is able to grow for a depth of 10 feet.

The Emergent Plant


Arrowheads or Sagittaria is an appealing green plant with leaves have arrowheads. It blooms white flower throughout the summer that lavishes up the beauty of your garden. The plant can grow in a water depth of 12-48 inches. Perfect to grow in sunlight or shade.

Blue Flags Iris

Blue Flag Iris or Iris Versicolor has small mixed blue exotic flowers that bloom in the month of June and has a grass like foliage. You can easily grow them in a container with water depth of 24-30 inches.

Dwarf Papyrus

Dwarf Papyrus or Cyperus Isocladus is green grass like foliage that features starburst flower heads. These flowers change to brown color in the fall season and can grow 12-18 inches long. The plant is capable of tolerating sun and partly shaded areas.

Water Blue Bells

Water Blue Bells or Ruellia Brittoniana is also a green grass like foliage that grows from 24-48 inches tall. It blooms blue flowers throughout the summer season and resembles the shape of Petunias.

Cork Screw Rush

Cork Screw Rush or Juncus Effusus has a twisted profile with curly stems that grow as long as 24 inches tall. This plant can be grown in partly shaded or bright areas. However, ensure that the water depth is 10 inches deep and the plant is not exposed to sun light for more than 6 hours.

Joanne Pring

Joanne Pring is a tiny pink colored water lily plant that produces green leaves and has a deep edge. Humming birds and butterflies are attracted towards this plant.

Giant Velvet Lead

Giant Velvet Leaf or Salvinia Longfolia it a very rare floating fern featuring a pale green and rounded hairy leaves. You can choose a large container with a depth of 10 inches or more and width 20 inches. This plant loves to grow in partly shaded areas. Source.

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