Garden Fence Decoration Ideas To Follow

You can beautify your garden by customizing your garden fences, here we’ve 13 garden fence decoration ideas for you to follow.

You are fortunate if you have a garden, but what to do if you have a simple and boring fence and you have no idea how to customize it a bit, making it perhaps more colorful and beautiful to look at.

Garden Fence Decoration Ideas

1. Fence with birdhouses

If you would like to decorate a wooden fence, well, ‘what’s better than embellishing it with colorful birdhouses.

2. Paint something

If you have an artistic talent, why not venture yourself to create a painting. A tree like this or anything that you can imagine.

3. Vintage style fence

False window with a frame, furnishings and some decor items and the wall comes into life!

4. Beach theme fence

Love the beach, the sea, and the tropics? Bring them to your garden. Do something like that.

5. Explosion of colorful butterflies

If you are particularly skilled in origami, here is the way to use it to decorate the fence. However, the only downside would be the rain!

6. Murals on the wall

And to the delight of children, here is a great idea to give a little ‘color’ to your wall. If you are skilled enough in the drawing you can also take a cue from the famous Disney characters.

7. Cans on the fence

That’s a creative idea: reuse some old cans, paint them in an appropriate color and hang them on the fence wall to grow plants.

8. Hanging boot garden on the fence

Here’s another great one but bizarre way to adorn the garden fences.

9. Grow plants vertically

Have you ever thought about to take the advantage of the vertical space of the fences? Here’s an idea!

10. Decorations from wrought iron

Another great way to decorate your garden fence.

11. Create a vertical garden


More useful if you’ve got a small garden. You can grow many plants in such wooden boxes.

12. Bottles to draw attention

Unique idea, though complicated one!

13. Shadow boxes to keep pots

They hang shadow boxes on the fence to place the pots. Source.

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