Here is how to find out In less than 3 seconds if the food is GMO

GMO products have a detrimental effect on the human body.

The bitter truth is that already over 80% of food is genetically modified. No producer will write on the label warning that the product is GMO, but there are ways in which we can understand it.

The truth is that we are the most experienced mice, which are currently testing the effect of harmful foods. Only time will show what can cause us and what changes will cause us such food in the human body.

The method of detection: Refer to the product label in the part called the PLU (Product Lookup Number). If the PLU has 4 numbers starting with 3 or 4, this means that the product is not GMO but is produced on a farm that uses chemicals and pesticides.

If the label has 5 digits, which begins with 9, this means that the product is organic, created without chemicals, pesticides and genetic modifications. Then “you can peacefully buy these products”.

But products marked with 5 digit numbers starting with 8 are genetically modified.

“They are unnaturally created”.


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