Here’s How To Grow A Rich Carrot Harvest With Minimal Effort!

If you are a carrot lover and want to grow vegetables yourself, to be sure what you put on your table, this material will help you.

The first step which you can make it easier to grow carrots is to plant them.You will certainly save a lot of time if you plant them so that they do not need to be thinned. So the carrots will grow within two to three weeks, and in the beginning of the summer you will have your own crop of this health-friendly vegetable. You are also relieved of laborious work that takes a long time. As a bonus to all this, the culture will grow much faster than weeds, and it will drop your concern to fight the grass.

Here’s what you need to do:

Take a packet of seeds and tie them in a cloth bag or cloth.
Do not tighten too much as the seeds will swell.
Dig a deep hole. The soil in which you will lay the seeds must be damp.
Place the bag of carrot seeds in the hole and bury them.
Remove the bag after 10-12 days when the seeds will be swollen.
Pour them into a bowl and sprinkle them with potato starch.
This will prevent them from sticking to your hands.
Sow the carrot seeds one at a time, keeping the recommended distance.
You will not have any difficulty seeing them well in the soil, as they will be white from the potato starch, which you have sprinkled earlier.
Once you have settled the seeds, sprinkle them with sand and cover them with dry soil.
The first shoots of carrot seed will appear on the third day.


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