Here’s How To Store Potatoes In The Right Way. They Do Not Sprout And Last For Longer!

Potatoes are an healthy, economical and versatile food.
They can be used for any occasion: to give life to a light and refined dish but also to satisfy the less demanding palates. In short, it all depends on how you prepare yourself.
Whether they are fried, baked or baked, potatoes should never go home … and yet it is not easy to keep them always available and ready for use at any time. This little “demanding” food requires some little attention to its preservation.

They should be kept in a dark and cool place.

If we put the potatoes in the vegetable tray inside the fridge, then we keep them bad. Potatoes should be in a cool and dark place, with temperatures not exceeding 10 degrees. It is not easy to have such a place at hand, so let’s at least keep them in an unlit room and where there is not a high degree of humidity.

Care before storage.

A small “treat” to potatoes before they are stored strengthens their skin and extends the life span. The best way is to distribute them in a single-layer cassette (do not accumulate potatoes on potatoes) and cover them with a dark cloth.

Do not wash potatoes before storing them.

Potatoes must be washed before cooking in the kitchen, not before storage. Just let us just brush the ground and dirt out of it before putting it away: if we bathe they tend to deteriorate before.

Store with an apple.

This trick is actually discussed: according to some, keeping the potatoes together with an apple delays the appearance of sprouts; According to others, apples would release ethylene, a gas that instead speeds up the output. This is an old debate between grandmother’s remedies and the principles of science … who will spit it out?


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