Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air

Houseplants can help de-stress and bring joy to your home

For some reason, plants always caught my eye whether in public or in someone’s home. I love rearranging my plants, rotating them towards the sun, and even moving my plants to different rooms. I also enjoy keeping their foliage clean and dust free. I don’t use any products to keep their leaves shiny. If my houseplants are dusty or dirty, I just splash some water on them for a little shower.

I like to check my plants a few times a week. This my personal time to calm my nerves and focus on something that makes me happy! Caring for plants is easy, sometimes keeping them alive is the hardest part.

We found 6 Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air! Ready to get started?

Purifying your air doesn’t always require an air purifier, sometimes all it takes is a low maintenance plant!

If you’re looking to add a unique and beautiful plant to your home, consider the Money Tree aka Pachira aquatica. The money tree is said to bring prosperity and good luck, which is the perfect gift for those moving into a new place, starting a new job, or a great gift to anyone in general.

De-stress with a Money Tree:

How can you not relax and smile when looking at your Money Tree? Admire it’s 5 branches intertwined! Look at its lovely branches and leaves! Your Money Tree should stand tall like you! Be reminded to stand tall as you go about your day and when you need a reminder, glance over at your Money Tree.

The Money Tree is our first of 6 Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air

Let’s talk about the most talked about and one of the most popular houseplants out there: The Fiddle Leaf Fig aka Ficus lyrata bambino! I own the Houseplant Addicts group and Houseplant Addicts Page on Facebook and I love seeing everyone’s pictures, reading their stories, and learning from others. It seems the Fiddle Leaf Fig is a popular houseplant!

I never thought I would ever get the chance to add the Fiddle Leaf Fig (sometimes abbreviated as FLF) to my collection! I knew I didn’t want the variety that gets really tall! I wanted a compact plant!

Purify your air with FLF:

The FLF is certainly a head-turning plant! Let the beauty take center stage of any room. Be sure to rotate your plant every week (or more often as you remember) and water once a week! The FLF will help purify your air!

The FLF is a hot plant. It definitely deserves to be on the list of 6 Houseplants To De-Stress Your Home And Purify The Air!

Another plant that is new to me is the ZZ Plant aka Zamioculcas zamiifolia! I’ve never had one before, so I am very excited to add this one to my collection! The ZZ Plant is a tough plant that can tolerate low light, so I keep it in my bedroom on the opposite side of the window. Once I get settled in, I can easily move my ZZ plant to a dark corner to add a pop of life and color!

Purify and De-stress with the ZZ Plant:

I love the overall unique look of the leaves and how they grow up and out! For such a tough plant, this one is perfect to keep in any room and purify your air.

When I received the Curly Spider Plant from Wild Interiors, I was thoroughly impressed. Not only does the plant look robust and healthy but the colors are so bold! I can easily see a few plants in one pot! After only a few weeks, I noticed there are already shoots coming out, which means there will be baby spider plants soon!

De-stress and purify:

Feeling stressed or overwhelmed, play with the Curly Spider Plant curls or take a few moments to give the plant a shower! Not only are spider plants low maintenance, easy to care for, but will purify your air!

The Devil’s Ivy aka Pothos is a common houseplant and easy to care for! I’ve received cuttings in the past, so when I received the Devil’s Ivy from Wild Interiors, I was blown away by how healthy the plant is! You can quickly tell Wild Interiors takes great care of their plants! I can tell their plants are shipped healthy and ready to thrive in a new environment!

De-stress and purify:

Add the Devil’s Ivy to any room in your home or office. The plant will help keep your air clean and de-stress if you need a moment to breathe. Just look over at your healthy pothos and admire each unique leaf!

If you are searching for a plant to add to your space but don’t have a lot of light, the Snake Plant aka Sansevieria trifasciata is a great choice! I actually like to keep my Snake Plant and ZZ Plant next to each other in my bedroom. Since they don’t require a lot of light, I keep them both on the far wall from the window! I don’t water them as often as my other plants too since they don’t need it.

De-stress and purify:

The Snake Plant is the perfect bedroom plant because it helps you sleep, releases oxygen at night, and purifies the air. I just find Snake Plants nice to look at. I love their spiky foliage. Source.


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