How To Grow Dragon Fruit

Learn how to grow dragon fruit, it’s one of the most strange looking subtropical fruit you’d like to grow in your garden. Growing dragon fruit is fairly easy both outdoors or in the pot.
Growing Regions

Dragon fruit is native to Central America and grown throughout the subtropical and tropical part of China, Israel, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand and Nicaragua.

How to Plant and Grow Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit plant is actually a climbing cactus and needs support to climb on, usually as the plant becomes mature it forms aerial roots from the branches and find something to climb. So, it’s best if you’re growing dragonfruit, find something to support your plant.

Dragon fruit is a sub tropical plant, it loves heat and sun but it’s better to plant it in a spot that remains dry and receives only partial sun.

If you’re living in more temperate climate or if you’re an urban gardener and don’t have much space, grow dragon fruit in pot, it’s fairly easy to grow and adapts itself well in containers. In pot you can move and overwinter it to save from frost as pita ya plant can survive only short period of freezing temperature (below 28 F is detrimental) and frost. Source.

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