How to grow your own pineapples, even in colder climates

Pineapple is the perfect tropical fruit. Sweet and tangy, it tastes great in smoothies, ice cream, cakes, and drinks. When you think of growing pineapple, you likely think of warm, humid climates, and rightfully so. These fruits thrive in warmer temperatures, but you may actually be able to grow your own slice of paradise, even in cooler temperatures.

Getting Started
Growing pineapples outside requires temperatures to stay well above freezing. However, pineapples grow well in pots, so if you have room in your greenhouse (or your home) you can still a pineapple successfully

You can begin growing a pineapple from the top of a store-bought pineapple. Make sure you remove all of the fruit from the rind. Leaving any fruit on the stem could cause it to rot later. You’ll want to slowly trim the rind until you see a ring of dots. These dots are where the roots will grow. You’ll also need to remove some of the lower leaves so that a bit of the stem is exposed.
Allow the stem to dry out for at least 24 hours before planting it. Allowing your pineapple to dry for a few days prevents rot from taking hold later on.
Dig a small hole in your pot or in the ground. Place the pineapple top inside the hole and cover with dirt around the base. Pack the dirt firmly enough that the pineapple sits up straight. Today’s Home Owner recommends a fast-draining soil mix. Spritz the soil around the stem with a spray bottle and let it grow.
Store the pineapple plant in a sunny area. You only need to water it (lightly) when the soil is dry.
It will take your pineapple up to three months to root. Gently tug on the pineapple to see if it’s taking root, but don’t pull too hard. You can transfer your pineapple plant to larger pot once new leaves start growing in the center of the plant.

A few tips to remember

-If you live in an area that freezes, plant your pineapple in a large pot, so you can move it inside when the weather gets too cold.
-Your pineapple plant needs lots of sunlight. Make sure the plant is in an area that it can get sunlight for most of the day.
-Don’t overwater your plant and don’t over-fertilize. Pineapples only need water when the soil is dry and fertilizer one a month or less.
-Pineapples take a long time to bloom. Like… two to three years long. Once your pineapple blooms. Pineapples are ready to pick when they are golden yellow. Source.
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