Innovative Garden Edging Ideas

A clean and tidy garden edge will define your garden and give it its unique look and feel, it will also save you unnecessary efforts in the future as it will keep your garden tidy. Everyone would love to have a professionally designed garden edges, but that would cost a fortune. However, you can make great edges that look really good yourself, without even needing those super expensive materials. Here are 14 ideas to inspire you, they’re functional and beautiful and the best of all, you can easily build them yourself.

1. Brick Edging

A maintenance-free way to prevent your lawn from encroaching on your flower beds. You don’t have to worry again about mulch or decorative stone in your flower bed working its way into your lawn.

2. Gabion Retaining Wall

A simple terrace created with wooden blocks, chicken wire, and large stones for a rustic look.

3. Brick Edging

With the bricks set, pour polymeric sand over them and use the brush to sweep it into the spaces between them.

 4. Wooden Edging

For a unique garden edging, you can use different sizes of wood cuts.

5. Raised Bed Edging

Wooden raised beds can make your plants look neat.

6. Beach Stone Edging

There are so many amazing things you can use as a “filler” for your edging, such as bark, corks etc. One of the best things however, are beach stones.

7. Terra Cotta Pots Edging

The Terra Cotta pots laid out make an interesting, whimsical look. The tubular shape also adds a nice effect.

8. Cinder Blocks

Cinder blocks are inexpensive, and if you use them right, can provide great-looking edging.

9. Woven Garden Hoses

A unique and beautiful way to create a one-of-a-kind fence.

10. Poured Concrete Edging

This edging uses concrete to form a curbing. The construction of these concrete designs is made on-site and very permanent.

11. Corrugated Steel Panels

It gives a very minimalist feel and looks clean and simple.

12. Glass Bottles Edging

Just turn them upside down and line them up. This is a low cost and creative fashion of garden edging that can provide an extraordinary effect.

13. Steel Edging

Steel edging allows one to create raised beds of any shape. The aging effect of steel is also much appreci

14. Pallets Edging

Break the pallets apart and make cute farm-style fencing for your garden. Source.

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