Laundry Basket Turned Strawberry Planter

Let’s be honest, planting pots can get pretty expensive, especially if you want the planter to look a certain way instead of a typical plain look or want to purchase multiple planters. This is not even taking size into account! Switching from standard planters to laundry baskets has it all! Landry baskets are very cheap and can be found at any store like Walmart, Target, dollar stores and more. Saving money on purchasing costs can allow you to make more planters if you wanted.

Laundry baskets also come in a variety of shapes that make storing or placing your planter convenient and fit your individual gardening needs. Also, laundry baskets can come in multiple colors to make your planter appearance a little more fun or match the theme of the area it will be placed in.

Laundry baskets are also recyclable for this project, even if they are broken; at least not broken to the point of falling apart. Being able to reuse them despite broken areas saves you, even more, money, unlike traditional pots that may need to be replaced because of something like a menacing crack. Also, laundry basket planters save you money at the grocery store. When you are able to grow your own food, strawberries, in this case, you don’t have to worry about planning that food into the grocery budget. Finally, you can even sell your strawberries if you wanted to as many people love homegrown fruits and vegetables. Considering how low the cost is for laundry basket planters, you would make your money back from savings or sales in no time!


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