Save your pennies, literally!

Having a successful, lush garden doesn’t always mean spending a ton of money on products from the store. Sometimes simple things found around your home work just as well as the expensive ones you can buy.

This list of seven weird garden hacks will help your garden look great and perhaps make you chuckle a little at your own ingenuity.

1. Repel slugs with pennies

Keep slugs away from your plants and add a fun accent to your garden by making your own penny ball. Using a water- and UV-resistant adhesive, glue pennies dated prior to 1983 to a bowling ball, baseball, or Styrofoam ball completely covering the surface. Allow the adhesive to dry and place in the garden, close to tender plants that are susceptible to slugs.

2. Grow roses in potatoes

To successfully propagate roses, use potatoes! Take cuttings from straight, young canes and stick the ends into a small potato. Then, plant the potato into the garden soil; the potato will help keep the cutting end from drying out and encourage root growth.

3. Fight blight with pennies

Blight is an incredibly devastating disease in tomato plants. It is unlike any other tomato and/or potato disease. It is highly contagious and can quickly decimate an entire plant stand. Help to treat and prevent blight by placing a penny (dated before 1983) in the stems of plants.‚Äč

4. Grow upside-down tomatoes

Short on garden space? Or don’t have supports to keep your heavy tomato plants standing upright? Cut holes in the bottoms of plastic buckets and plant your tomatoes so they stick out of the holes, letting them grow downwards and hang. No need to stake them up, and they can be hung from any structure that’s strong enough to support the weight.

5. Grind eggshells for fertilizer

Eggshells can add a natural, inexpensive source of calcium to your garden. This is especially helpful in tomatoes which are prone to blossom end rot, a symptom of calcium deficiency. Adding eggshells to the garden soil to help prevent the unsightly deformity. Wash and dry eggshells, and then pulverize them in a home blender or food processor. Sprinkle around the base of plants.

6. Fruit peels as insect repellent

Avoid using potentially dangerous insecticides in your garden by placing pieces of banana and orange peels in your garden. Chemical compounds in the peels, as well as the overpowering scent, will repel pests such as aphids and ants.

7. Boost compost with Coke

Add Coke to your compost pile to help boost the breakdown process. Sugars in the soda attract microorganisms to the compost pile, and the acidity will speed up the natural decomposition process.

They may certainly sound weird, but these seven garden hacks will prove themselves worthy with noticeable, fantastic results! Try them out for yourself in your garden. Source.


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