Small Garden Ideas to Grow in a limited Space – part 1

For people living in urban areas gardening can be a wish which is left undone most of the times. Reason being, these gardeners rarely get a chance to use their green thumb. Their biggest problem is space! Well, ever heard of the idea of “small gardens?” yes, that’s exactly what we are talking about. There are number of ways in which you can go all creative and work your way towards a beautiful small garden. For instance using the plants in small pots? Or perhaps going for those hanging pots.

These small garden ideas will change your concepts forever about how you cannot have a garden in an apartment or a limited space!

Greenery not only helps you release the tension of the day, but it’s also a good hobby. Planting these small gardens in your house will leave your space looking all revived and refreshed. Are you looking for a new corner piece for your living room? Leave it, and give you green friends some space over there.

Now where would you get these ideas from, well lo and behold, for over here we have a list of refreshing small garden ideas which will take your worries away? Take a pick, choose which ever you like, these ideas won’t disappoint you!

Dwarf Tree Pots

The whole idea of dwarf plants and dwarf trees never ceases to amaze me. These evolutionary plants give all those people with little spaces to enjoy the “fruits” of large spaces.

Raised container ideas

If you want gardening in small places and an idea which will save you money as well, this is your thing. Start by constructing small tables for yourself and then insert plastic containers in then which are slightly perforated for the passage of air. Plant your green friends over here and you will love the ambiance.

Box-on-railing Idea

Box-on-railing is one of the cutest ideas of planning your own little green patch. You have a fence or a railing at home? Simply use some old window boxes where you can grow some small plants.

Rooftop gardens, edible Roof Gardens

Use your season edible plants and adjust a plan for them on your rooftop. Using a little bit of knowledge on how to grow vegetables you can easily turn your rooftop into an edible garden. This will not only serve the purpose of growing vegetables and fruits but you can use it as a business too.

Vertical Garden

If you have any PVC pipes at your disposal, save them! These can be used to support different plants with vines. Plants such as money plants and others which tend to grow in vines can work wonderfully with such ideas. Take an already grown plant with vines, or grow some in a pot by planting a stem. When the vines reaches to an appropriate length, give it the support of the PVC pipe which you have inserted in the pot as well.

Triangle Stand

Triangular stand is a stand in the shape of a triangle only without a base. You can add wooden layers on the sides and adjust your pots on them. Simple yet effective!

Hanging pots

Who doesn’t love a good area where you can hang a couple of these hanging pots with lush green branches adding color to your space? Even if you’re a total klutz when it comes to managing intricate objects, you will be able to do it. You can use these hanging pots by inserting hooks in your balcony walls and using it as a support for the hanging pots. In addition to that you can also use it in your backyard by simply inserting a couple of wooden stakes into the ground and using a sturdy chain in between them. This chain is then used for supporting your hanging pots.

Garden Tower

This is something very creative but worth the effort. Garden tower idea is one of those increasingly popular DIY ideas which you can create just by a little effort. You can add about 50 plants to it.

Cinder Block Stacked Garden

It is another one of those creatively beautiful ideas which can be used to give a contemporary touch to your walls. Use cinder blocks and stack them in a way that they create a rack. Put in the soil and plant some indoor plants and enjoy the view.

Hanging garden idea

Wondering what to do with those old key chain holding wall hangers where you used to stuff day to day things? Here’s a good idea, use one of those wall hangings to grow small plants. Very unique, takes no space at all and also fulfills the purpose!

Patio Gardens

Work with your patios by making it you little patio garden. A pile of pots here and some over there, you can easily make some space to move, but at the same time, you would have you fairy tale look of a garden.

Rain Gutter Lettuce Garden

Use a series of rain gutters to plant all sorts of ornamental lettuce. This brings about a very green effect leaving your garden mess free.

Mini Garden for small spaces

You can have mini garden with several small pots, large ones and wall hanging plants gathered in one corner of your house which is particularly devoted to planting. Source.




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