Small Garden Ideas to Grow in a limited Space – part 2

Salvaged Shutter Gardening

Wondering what to do with those shutters which are not in use anymore? Insert some plants into them such as tiny succulent rosselets.

Garden wall

Garden wall gives your wall a prolific look. Simply start by mounting a few pots on your walls and use flowering plants in them.

Vertical Salvaged Lumber Garden

Salvaged lumber gives you a lot of space for creativity with a little hard work. Maintain two pillars and accommodate wooden compartments in them which you can use for plantation.

Wooden box idea

Wooden box idea is very creative when it comes to long lasting flowers. You can use cabbage, pansies, violas and that’s it.

Place a wooden container in front of your window in a way that the plants reflect their colors and your box remains hidden.

Mini Grow Bag Garden

This is one idea your kids will love. Use small pots and arrange them into colorful mini bags to give your small area a vibrant look.

Hanging planters Garden

Who doesn’t love hanging pots in their house? Lush green plants giving your home a positive air definitely is something to work towards. This gives your house a contemporary yet very fresh look.

 Balcony gardening

Balcony gardens are the latest trend among people who live in apartments. Pick a corner of your balcony and display an assortment of ever-green plants.

Umbrella stand idea

You have some space to accommodate an umbrella stand, why not fix it is a pot of plants. This will give a green touch to your little cozy space.

Coffee table garden

Make use of those miniature water plants and use them on your coffee tables. You don’t have enough space outside? Why not create your space inside. This gives your coffee table a very chic yet modern look.

Stacked pots

This is a two tiered container garden which holds a selection of various herbs such as chives, rosemary and thyme. Your bottom pot should be about 24 inches wide. The dwarf purple and sweet basils can grow on the upper pot. Keep this arrangement fertilized and watered for a healthy look.

Tiffin box in a wooden wall

You can place a plank right next to your fence or any wall and use empty cans for potting. These pans can be joined with the planks through nails and hooks and used for planting various plants.

Pouched vertical Garden

Use a thick cloth and hang it on the fence in the form of long pouches. This can be used for planting the flowers you have always desired. Source.

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