Tips For Growing Beautiful House Plants Even If You’re A Beginner

House plants can be very beneficial in our homes and lives. They can purify our homes and turn it into a healthy environment. However, there are some toxic plants that can be harmful to our pets and our children if kept in the home. It is not advisable, to hang these kind of toxic plants.

They’re called such due to the ram like horns it has on its head. Their colors range from black, red and checkered patterns.

The fencing in your yard should be strong and high enough to prevent escapes. Periodically check it for gaps and holes, because your Scottish terrier will certainly try to dig his way out under the fence. Also make sure doors and gates are properly closed.

You should use a good general purpose potting soil for this plant. The soil should retain water but also needs to drain well so that the plant isn’t over watered. You will also want a well aerated soil to allow the root to have some breathing room. If the soil is packed tightly you can add some sand or perlite along with some peat moss to give the roots plenty of room. You can mix your own soil as well. Here is the recipe: 1 part garden soil, 1 part coarse sand or perlite, 1 part moist peat or humus (leaf mold) and a little bit of lime. Keep in mind to use a pot with a hole in the bottom so that excess water can drain out.

Bonsai Trees Stop Growing at Maturity Why would a tree ever stop growing unless it was dead? It may slow its growth rate down significantly but it certainly does not stop. Trees need to shed and grow needles or leaves, flowers and branches. So, although you may not have to trim your bonsai tree very often, it will still be growing. Source.


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